Surviving Spouse and Insurance Proceeds

Life insurance policy is separate property if purchased before marriage.  Under this circumstance, a surviving spouse is entitled only to a reimbursement of half the community funds used to pay the premiums during marriage. If the policy was purchased during the marriage it is community property.  If this is the ...
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Holla What? A Holographic Will

Holographic Will describes a will that is totally in the handwriting of the maker of the will. An instrument written by hand (holographic) can be considered a will. In Texas, in order for the holographic will to be considered valid it must be totally in the hand of the person ...
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Bah Hum Bug to Estate Planning, We Should All Die Without a Will (Part 3) – Probate (the short answer)

Probate is a court procedure by which a will is proved to be the valid or invalid.  However, through current usage, the term probate has been expanded to refer to the legal process by which the estate of a decedent is administered.  Generally, speaking, the probate process involves collecting a ...
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